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History of Steve Jobs (2021-12-27) altele

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<div><div> <h3>History of Steve Jobs - <a href='https://audiocast.ro/fispodcast/27-161949133889291.mp3'> Asculta pe Audiocast.ro </a></h3> </div> <audio controls autoplay id='audio' style='width: 100%;'> <source src='https://audiocast.ro/fispodcast/27-161949133889291.mp3' type='audio/mp3' preload> </audio> </div>

Hisotry of Steve Jobs for the beginning till the end

Podcast History of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at the beginning create a blue box who can manipulate phone network to allow long distance call for free. That&

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Mark I like this podcast, knowing great people history make you to be motivated and inspiring.



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