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Playing with the brain and human emotions (2021-12-27) Societate si cultura

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<div><div> <h3>Playing with the brain and human emotions - <a href='https://audiocast.ro/fispodcast/27-161876082829362.mp3'> Asculta pe Audiocast.ro </a></h3> </div> <audio controls autoplay id='audio' style='width: 100%;'> <source src='https://audiocast.ro/fispodcast/27-161876082829362.mp3' type='audio/mp3' preload> </audio> </div>

This guy Timon Krause is a magician of playing with our brain. He can create emotions and he can manipulate you and explains all in this podcat.

Podcast Playing with the brain and human emotions

If you do not listen this podcast you will loose a hude opportunities in your life. Playing with human emotion can be made you a small gos. And I am not kidding wjen I said tjat.

Urmatorul Podcast: Podcast Maria se duce la hora-n satMaria se duce la hora-n sat
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